Battery Foil

Improved performance through development of new materials for lithium-ion batteries

UACJ Foil helps make batteries better by developing aluminum and copper foil materials and high-performance surfaces used in current collectors. These collectors are found in products such as lithium-ion batteries and electric double-layer capacitors.

Image of Battery Foil

Current collector foils

UACJ Foil’s aluminum and copper foils exhibit high strength, ductility, conductivity, heat-resistance and other advancements. We also strive to improve bendability, surface functionality (shaping, coating, etc.) and other characteristics.

Combining strength and conductivity with higher-performance aluminum foil

Advantages of pure, high-strength aluminum foil

  Alloy Mechanical Properties Conductivity (% IACS) Reference
Tensile strength (MPa) Durability (MPa) Elongation (%)
1000 series A730H 290 250 4.0 56 High strength/ ductility 1100
1C32 230 200 4.5 58 High strength/ ductility 1N30
1N30 185 165 4.5 58 Previous material
1085 180 165 5.0 60
Alloy series 3003 270 240 3.0 47 Previous material

Reduced contact resistance through surface reforming

Measurement of reduced contact resistance through AC impedance method

Graph of Measurement of reduced contact resistance through AC impedance method
Image of Reformed-surface foil
Reformed-surface foil
Image of Plain foi
Plain foil