CSR Activities

Sensible, responsible CSR

In recognition of our corporate social responsibilities (CSR), UACJ Foil engages in environmental conservation activities, including acquisition of ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certification. We also help build sustainable societies and positively engage local communities through activities such as establishing CSR committees, strengthening compliance and developing products with low environmental impact. As a member of the UACJ Group, we will continue to act in accordance with the UACJ Group Code of Conduct and strengthen CSR initiatives.

Corporate Protocol

Quality initiatives

UACJ Foil performs computer-assisted, systemized quality controls for all processes, from import of base foil to manufacturing and shipping. All plants have acquired ISO 9001 certification, and we are continually evolving to ensure customer satisfaction.

Image of Quality initiatives

Quality policies

  • Every employee approaches work from the customer’s point of view, acting to ensure quality so as to provide safer, better products and higher-quality services.
  • We adhere to laws and regulations related to quality, company regulations and requirements agreed upon with our customers.
  • We establish yearly objectives and targets, continually implementing forward-looking improvements to quality management systems.
    • We continually improve quality.
    • We strive to prevent any reoccurrence of defects or complaints.
    • We improve capabilities for turnaround, technological development and proposals.
  • We strive to spread awareness of our quality policies to all persons in associated organizations.

Quality Control

Environmental conservation initiatives

UACJ Foil strives to raise environmental awareness, promoting energy conservation, resource conservation and recycling, and actively engage in eco-friendly product development.

Image of Environmental conservation initiatives

Environmental policies (from Nippon Foil Manufacturing)

Basic philosophy UACJ Foil recognizes that we have only one earth, and that its preservation is of the utmost importance to the human race. We pursue corporate activities from an eco-friendly perspective, and strive to develop a better society with improved quality of life.
Code of conduct
  1. We establish environmental management systems and practice environmental conservation.
  2. We remain constantly aware of the effect of corporate activities on the environment, and systematically engage in eco-friendly operations to the best of our technological and economic capabilities.
  3. We adhere to environmental laws, regulations and pacts and, when necessary, establish and act in accordance with voluntary standards, objectives and targets.
  4. We promote resource conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction and recycling.
  5. We strive to develop eco-friendly products.
  6. We engage in environmental education and publicity activities, and strive to raise awareness of basic environmental policies and environmental action among all employees.

Environmental policies (from Sumikei Aluminum Foil)

  • We reduce environmental impact by promoting energy conservation, resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling.
  • We adhere to environmental laws, regulations, pacts and company regulations.
  • We establish yearly objectives and targets, continually implementing forward-looking improvements to quality management systems.
    • We work to reduce environmental impact through improvements in how items are made and used.
    • We implement measures for identification/assessment and improvement/prevention in order to achieve positive environmental results.
    • We increase environmental awareness through education, training and guidance.
  • We strive for thorough awareness of environmental policies throughout the company, as well as publicly disclose and publicize our policies.

Description of activities

Activity plan
  1. Strengthen management of environmental impact
    • Establish and adhere to voluntary wastewater standards, etc.
  2. Reduce energy consumption per unit of production
    • Introduce interlock and inverter mechanisms to reduce usage of incidental equipment when main equipment is stopped.
  3. Reduce waste and recycle resources
    • Reduce waste at process level and increase core reuse rate, etc.
  4. Develop and design products with consideration for environmental impact (Shiga Works).
    • Increase per-product rate of non-toluene ink usage, etc.
    • Develop and promote biodegradable packaging (product name: Ecos)
  5. Reduce use of underground water for cooling (Nogi Works)
    • Introduce new cooling equipment, etc.
  6. Eliminate incinerators (completed in FY 2000)
    • Recycle resources by better sorting of wood and paper scraps
  7. Achieve zero emissions
    • Nogi Works: May 2005
    • Shiga Works: April 2009

Occupational health and safety

The Isesaki Works acquired OSHMS certification in September 2006. We strive to maintain safe and healthy working environments.

Health and safety policies

  • Through employee engagement, we strive for safe and healthy, ‘zero-accident’ workplaces.
  • We adhere to occupational health and safety laws, external regulations and company regulations.
  • We establish yearly objectives, continually implementing forward-looking improvements to health- and safety-management systems.
  • We strive for complete awareness of health and safety policies throughout the company.