Site Policy

UACJ Foil website policy

The following policies apply to use of websites managed and operated by UACJ Foil Corporation.

1. Copyright and trademarks

Unauthorized reproduction of articles, photographs, illustrations and other content published on our websites is prohibited. Unless stated otherwise, all content is the copyright and/or trademark of UACJ Foil.

2. Alteration and removal of content

All information included on our websites may be altered, revised, supplemented, suspended or removed at the discretion of UACJ Foil and without prior notice.

3. Disclaimer

UACJ Foil accepts no liability for any damage caused by accessing our websites, or use of the information contained within.

Privacy policy

As a general rule, UACJ Foil will only use personal information obtained from customers in order to respond to inquiries and requests, or resolve server problems. We will not use personal information for anything other than customer service.

As part of this policy, personal information may also be used by UACJ Group companies and contracted vendors.

Furthermore, unless required by law, personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without customer consent.

Customers may request that their information be altered, or that usage cease. UACJ Foil will respond appropriately to such requests upon confirmation of identity.