Packaging Materials for Foods

Aluminum foil does not negatively impact foodstuffs, and helps maintain quality and ensure hygiene. UACJ Foil’s stringent quality controls and advanced printing and processing technologies result in packaging that ensures food safety.

Aluminum helps retain aromas and keep out light and moisture. It is also easy to process as a packaging material and well suited for machining. In addition, our aluminum foil garners praise from customers for its beautiful appearance and decorative qualities.

Picture of Packaging Materials for Foods


UACJ Foil’s aluminum rolling and alloy technologies deliver high-strength, uniformly thick aluminum foil optimized for packaging materials.

Snack products Chewing gum, candy, chocolate, cake, ice cream, pudding, gelatin, other snacks
Dairy products Cheese, butter, margarine, yogurt
Beverage products General beverages, lactic-acid beverages, milk, soy milk, health drinks, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, green tea, oolong tea, fresh cream, powdered beverages
Other Instant foods, soups, seasonings, frozen foods, dried foods, emergency rations