Lithium-ion Battery Foil

UACJ Foil is the only Japanese manufacturer that produces both cathode and anode foil for lithium-ion batteries.
Our advanced rolling and alloy technologies allow us to develop uniformly thick, high-strength aluminum foil optimized for lithium-ion batteries.
We also possess advanced technologies for manufacturing rolled copper foil for battery anodes.

Picture of Lithium-ion Battery Foil

Lithium-ion battery structure

Fig. Lithium-ion battery structure

Cathode (Aluminum Foil)

Aluminum foil is the only material suited for lithium-ion battery cathode current collectors. There are no substitutes.
UACJ Foil employs aluminum alloys carefully selected for on-board vehicle use. The foil is produced with a precision thickness to within ±0.5 μm.

Aluminum Foil for Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes

Anode (Copper Foil)

Cooper foil is used for anode current collectors due to its workability and electrical conductivity.
UACJ Foil’s rolling technologies encompass both aluminum foil and copper foil. Our numerous customers utilize our copper foils for anodes and aluminum foils for cathodes.

Copper Foil for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes