Bare Foil

Aluminum foil is created by rolling highly pure and thinly rolled base foil into an even thinner gauge (200 μm or less).
UACJ Foil manufactures aluminum foil from high-quality, bare foil cast that we roll ourselves. Foil is optimized for specific applications by tailoring thickness and composition.

Picture of Bare Foil


Alloy Number Thickness Major Applications Characteristics
1N30 6 μm-200 μm Food, pharmaceuticals, etc. 99.30% (or greater) pure aluminum
1085 12 μm-200 μm Electrolytic capacitors, etc. 99.85% (or greater) pure aluminum
1N90   Electrolytic capacitors, etc. 99.90% (or greater) pure aluminum
1N99   Electrolytic capacitors, etc. 99.99% (or greater) pure aluminum
3003 12 μm-200 μm Ornamental panels, etc. Highly strong and durable
3004 30 μm-200 μm Ornamental panels, etc. Highly strong and durable
8079   Food, pharmaceuticals, etc. Minute and uniform crystalline structure
8021 6 μm-200 μm Food, pharmaceuticals, etc. High-performance aluminum foil

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Alloy 8021 for High-performance Aluminum Foil

High-performance foil 8021 is an alloy created from pure, aluminum base foil tempered with additional elements. Compared to the IN30 variety generally used for foil, it is extremely workable and has high tensile strength and stretchability. It also has excellent design properties, with minimal pinholes and uniformly smooth matte surfaces.


1. Reduced costs

Minimal pinholes (a 70% reduction compared to UACJ Foil 7μ) ensures better performance for applications such as pharmaceutical packaging, electronics packaging, retort packaging and LL containers, all of which require barrier performance. This better performance helps reduce costs.

2. Improved quality of molded products

Exceptional stretchability (a 70% increase compared to UACJ Foil 7μ) can improve the quality of molded products that require difficult bending, such as gusset bags, standing pouches and lamination tubes.

3. Improved lamination productivity

High tensile strength (a 40% increase compared to UACJ Foil 7μ) greatly improves productivity by helping prevent tearing during lamination.

4. Improved product appearance thanks to uniform and smooth surfaces

The smoother and more uniform matte surface helps improve the appearance of products, making the foil excellent for labels and other external packaging.


Chemical composition (mass%)

Product Name JIS Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Other Al
8021 8021 ≦0.15 1.2≦
≦0.05 ≦0.05 ≦0.05 ≦0.05 ≦0.05 Remainder
Previous material 1N30 Si+Fe≦0.7 ≦0.05 ≦0.05 ≦0.05 ≦0.05    

Available sizes, luster

Thickness 7-60 μm 12-60 μm 60-150 μm
Luster One-sided One-sided/Two-sided Two-sided
Width 50-1200 mm


1. The fine crystalline structure reduces surface roughness, allowing for sharper printing of characters.

Crystalline Structure
Image of 8021
Previous material
Image of Previous material
Surface roughness
Image of 8021
Previous material
Image of Previous material
Crystal Grain Size
Product Name Crystal Grain Size (μm)
8021 5-10
Previous material 30-100

2. Fine crystals and precipitates reduce waviness on the processed surface and pinholes.

Analysis of Aluminum Cross-section Crystals/Precipitates
Image of 8021
Previous material
Image of Previous material
Mechanical Properties(softness)
Graph of Mechanical Properties Tensile strength
Graph of Mechanical Properties Stretchability
Pinholes(compared to previous UACJ materials)
Graph of Pinholes (compared to previous UACJ materials)

The crystal grains of high-performance foil 8021 are small, with minute and uniform inter-metallic compounds. This results in a finer matte surface and fewer pinholes. The difference is particularly noticeable for ultra-thin foil.

The value is a representative value and does not guarantee the numerical value.

3. Excellent bendability and durability.

In salt spray tests and accelerated tests in hot and humid environments, high-performance aluminum foil demonstrated durability equal to or better than previous materials.


Fig. Bending


  • Medical packaging, household goods
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Battery tab materials
  • Other