Battery Foil

Improved performance through development of new materials for lithium-ion batteries

UACJ Foil helps make batteries better by developing aluminum and copper foil materials and high-performance surfaces used in current collectors. These collectors are found in products such as lithium-ion batteries and electric double-layer capacitors.

Image of Battery Foil

Current collector foils

UACJ Foil’s aluminum and copper foils exhibit high strength, ductility, conductivity, heat-resistance and other advancements. We also strive to improve bendability, surface functionality (shaping, coating, etc.) and other characteristics.

Combining strength and conductivity with higher-performance aluminum foil

Advantages of pure, high-strength aluminum foil(for thickness 15µm)

  Alloy Mechanical Properties Conductivity
(% IACS)
Tensile strength (MPa) Elongation (%)
1000 series 1085 180
1N30 185
Alloy series 3003 270
The value is a representative value and does not guarantee the numerical value.
Typical values are listed for a thickness of 15 µm. Please contact us regarding values for other thicknesses.
Please contact us if you have any other requests.