Whether cooking, preserving food or keeping your home tidy, aluminum foil products make life more comfortable and convenient.

Aluminum foil conducts heat, and helps keep out light and moisture, making it great in the kitchen. Use it for storing food and cooking. Construct containers and kitchen guards. The possibilities are many and varied with aluminum foil products from UACJ Foil.

Image of aluminum foil products

  • Protecting walls around burners
  • Cooking
  • Containers

Image of Molded aluminum products

Molded aluminum products

UACJ Foil offers a galaxy of products to help keep kitchens neat and tidy, such as ventilation hoods and extractor fan covers.

Image of Household aluminum foil

Household aluminum foil

Indispensable to home kitchens, aluminum foil is ideal for preserving food and cooking. UACJ Foil also provides professional-use products for restaurants and hotels.

Image of Aluminum containers

Aluminum containers

UACJ Foil produces aluminum containers such as aluminum cups for packed lunches. Our containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.