Automotives/Lithium-ion Battery Foil

Growing demand for next-generation vehicles in the automotive industry

Sharply rising energy costs and increasing CO2 levels have led to greater environmental awareness as regards automobiles. As a result, worldwide demand for next-generation vehicles such as hybrid cars and EVs is on the rise.

In 2012, next-generation vehicles accounted for about 2% of the total automotive market. However, by 2030 this number is expected to increase nearly sevenfold to over 10%.

Worldwide Market for Next-Generation Vehicles (HVs, PHVs, EVs)

Graph of Worldwide Market for Next-Generation Vehicles (HVs, PHVs, EVs)
Source: “2010 Petroleum Industry Surveys and Research,” Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Trust UACJ Foil for vital, battery-related automotive products.

Batteries are an important element of next-generation vehicles. UACJ Foil contributes to more powerful, higher capacity automotive batteries through products that increase battery capacity, such as aluminum and copper foil for lithium-ion batteries and foil for electrolytic capacitors for double layer capacitors of regenerative braking system.

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1 Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

These capacitors require high capacity. Thanks to sophisticated production technologies and strict quality controls, our high-quality capacitor foil makes this possible. UACJ Foil holds the top market share in cathode foils.

The leader in cathode foils

2Cathode and anode foil for lithium-ion batteries

Boasting aluminum and copper foil technologies, UACJ Foil is the only Japanese manufacturer that produces both cathode and anode foils for lithium-ion batteries. Our high-quality aluminum foils are utilized by numerous manufacturers worldwide, and claim a large share of the global market.

World-leading market share in cathode foils