Research and Development

UACJ Foil works closely with the UACJ Technological Research and Development Center to meet increasingly sophisticated customer needs through development of next-generation products and improvements to processing technologies.

Image of Research and Development

R&D Development Framework

Backed by the foil materials research lab at the UACJ Technological Research and Development Center, we strive to strengthen existing base technologies and develop next-generation products in three fields: battery foils, capacitor foils and processed foils. We also carefully consider the quality of foil materials during upstream processes in order to provide aluminum foil with high added value.

Fig. R&D Development Framework

  •  Battery Foil
  • Capacitor Foil
  • Converted Foil

R&D Areas

In order to optimize mechanical and electrochemical characteristics for different applications, our research focuses on the following five areas:

Material development technologies
  • Micro-structure control technologies
  • Process technologies
  • Material characteristics evaluation technologies
Rolling control technologies
  • Foil shape controls
  • Foil thickness controls
  • Tribology
Electrochemical evaluation technologies
  • Electrolytic etching technologies
  • Battery characteristics evaluation technologies
  • Electrochemical measurement technologies
Processing technologies
  • Printing technologies
  • Coating technologies
  • Lamination technologies
Analytical technologies
  • Surface analysis technologies
  • Compound analysis