Copper Foil for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes

UACJ Foil utilizes high-precision copper rolling technologies to supply rolled copper foil with the optimal uniform thickness for lithium-ion batteries.

Picture of Copper Foil for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes


There are two types of copper foil: rolled copper foil (which is pressed thin in rolling mills) and electrolytic copper foil (which is created using electrolysis).
Electrolytic copper foil is generally used in lithium-ion batteries because there are no restrictions on possible length and it is easy to create thinly. However, electrolytic copper foil also has poor mechanical strength and is prone to warping.
UACJ Foil utilizes advanced rolling technologies to create high-performance rolled copper foil that is not only thin but also mechanically strong. Our rolled copper foil for lithium-ion batteries is used by a large number of automobile manufacturers.