Nogi Works


Nogi Works specializes in simple foil, primarily manufacturing thin (6-20 μm) foil for use in batteries and packaging for food products and pharmaceuticals.

Picture of Nogi Works

Products Aluminum Foil (simple foil)
Began Operation June 1968


55 Wakabayashi, Nogi-machi, Shimotsuga, Tochigi, Japan 329-0103
TEL: +81-280-56-2315 FAX: +81-280-56-0367


By Train
  • 10 minutes by taxi from Nogi Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line.

Main Facilities

Picture of High-Speed 4-Stage Roller

Rolling Mill

Equipped with AFC (automatic flatness control) to manufacture aluminum foil with a high degree of precision as to thickness and shape.

Picture of Double Rolling

Double Rolling

After foil is created in the rolling mill, two sheets are laid together for the finished roll.

Picture of Cutter


This is installed in a carefully controlled cleanroom.

Picture of Annealing Furnace

Annealing Furnace

After rolling, foil is softened in the annealing furnace to make it easier to use.