Shiga Works


This plant creates processed aluminum products used in everyday items, such as foodstuff and pharmaceutical packaging.

As a comprehensive metal foils manufacturer, Shiga Plant also creates other foils made from copper, tin and lead.

Picture of Shiga Works

  • Aluminum foil (simple foil)
  • Processed foil (PTP, medical instrument packaging, foodstuff packaging, floor heating thermo-uniformity plates, construction materials e.g., siding)
  • Copper foil (flexible printed circuit boards, lithium-ion battery foil)
  • Tin foil (alcoholic beverage caps)
Began Operation October 1984


61-8 Sasatani, Yamaderacho, Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan 525-0042
TEL: +81-77-565-3331 FAX: +81-77-564-5599


By Train
  • 15 minutes by taxi from Kusatsu Station on the JR Tokaido Line.

Main Facilities

Picture of Rolling Mill

Rolling Mill

AFC (automatic flatness control) precisely regulates thickness and shape.

Picture of Foil washing line

Foil washing line

Foil surfaces are washed to ensure a high level of hydrophilicity.

Picture of GMP facilities

GMP facilities

A sophisticated manufacturing environment that conforms to GMP standards.

Picture of Foil printing equipment

Foil printing equipment

This equipment allows for high-precision printing of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging.